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home Biography “Buzzfeed” Andrew Ilnyckyj Biography, Wife, Married, Girlfriend, Relationship, Net Worth and Career

“Buzzfeed” Andrew Ilnyckyj Biography, Wife, Married, Girlfriend, Relationship, Net Worth and Career

Crix Published On Fri Jun 15 2018   Modified On Sat Mar 30 2019
“Buzzfeed” Andrew Ilnyckyj Biography, Wife, Married, Girlfriend, Relationship, Net Worth and Career

Facts of Andrew Ilnyckyj

Full NameAndrew Ilnyckyj
Birth NameAndrew Ilnyckyj
Birth CityNew Jersey
Marital StatusMarried
Relation WithAshly Perez
Height5.1 cm


    Body and Relation Status of Andrew Ilnyckyj

    What is Andrew Ilnyckyj marital status ?Married
    Who is Andrew Ilnyckyj in Relation with?Ashly Perez
    What is the height of Andrew Ilnyckyj?5.1 cm
    What is the weight of Andrew Ilnyckyj?kg

    The famous YouTube star, Andrew Ilnyckyj is best known for appearing in Buzzfeed videos of Worth It in which he tried different sorts of food price ranging from highest to the lowest and spread to the world for what it is worth. Moreover, he is a Buzzfeed senior video producer as well as the actor who is active in the field since 2013. 

    The 28 years’ Andrew Ilnyckyj was assumed to be in a relationship with his co-star Ashly Perez in the videos of Andrew but seems like it turned out to be just a theory from his fans.

    Andrew Ilnyckyj’s Biography

    Andrew Ilnyckyj was born under the birth sign Gemini on 23rd May 1990, in New Jersey. His birth sign Gemini has described his personality to be the curious and adaptable type of person. Apart from this, there is no single information about his parents, siblings and early life education.

    Andrew Ilnyckyj’s Body Statistics

    • Body Measurements: The social media star, Andrew Ilnyckyj has an average body type who has not shared his body measurements yet.
    • Height & Weight: He is the man having an average height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) and a thin body. His height is similar to that of Taylor Swift.
    • Eyes Color: He has grey colored hair which has reflected his personality as a wise person.
    • Hair Color: He has blonde hair.

    Andrew Ilnyckyj’s Relationship History

    Her On-screen Marriage

    Well, Andrew Ilnyckyj and Ashly Perez (video producer of BuzzFeed) were featured as an on-screen couple in their channel. Once, they were seen as a bride and groom in a nautical themed married role. One of their fans posted their on-screen romance on Instagram in November 2014 which created huge rumors of their real-life marriage.

    However, it was not a real-life marriage although they have not spoken a word regarding it.

    Andrew Ilnyckyj’s Relationship Rumors with Ashly Perez

    Youtuber Andrew Ilnyckyj acts as a couple with his co-partner Ashly Perez on the Andrew videos for which their fans assumed them to be a real-life couple, but well, they are not. Why wouldn’t anyone consider them to be a couple if they produce videos like, Is it Just a Crush, A Thousand Years, Is He on a Date, All About Your Heart, and several other love quoted videos?

    YouTube: Andrew Ilnyckyj and Ashly Perez as a couple

    But they announced that they wouldn’t be making any upcoming videos for the channel on a video, so that’s bad news for their friends. Their show ended and left their fans disappointed. Many fans assumed that the show because Andrew has a girlfriend who did not like him being on the show acting as Ashly’s girlfriend but who knows?

    There were also rumors about Ashly being gay, and if that’s true, Andrew would never be into Ashly. Ashly announced on her twitter that she is leaving Buzzfeed because she got some other projects going on. But it won’t put an end to her series.

    Short-Bio of Ashly Perez

    Ashly is a producer at Buzzfeed. She is a travel editor and violet producer as well which made her famous on social media. She was born on 8th July 1989, in California and is of Cuban, Filipino and Korean descent.

    Andrew Ilnyckyj’s Net Worth and Career

    The Youtuber, Andrew Ilnyckyj is the co-creator of BuzzFeed’s hit series ‘Worth It’ in which he appears with his co-partner, Steven Lim who is a Chinese Malaysian Ohio born American with a cameraman, Adam Bianchi. He even co-starred with former President Barack Obama in a Buzzfeed video titled ‘ Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About.’

    YouTube: Andrew Ilnyckyj Obama BuzzFeed Viedo

    BuzzFeed is a media company located in New York and was founded by Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III in 2006. It covers a variety of topics which includes politics, animals, business and several others.

    The trio goes to several places to try out different sorts of food with a huge price difference, and the aim is to determine which food is worth for the different price rates. The show became number 1 most-watched show on YouTube as of 2018 with as much as over 280 million views.

    Moreover, he has been on the screen for a long time now. He also worked in small roles on short drama Always Say Aishiteru in 2010 and Blue in 2013.

    The 28 years’ YouTuber, Andrew Ilnyckyj has been able to collect around half a million dollars(i.e $500,000) net worth in his account in a very short period of time.

    As per the social blade, the YouTuber earns around $42.4K – $678.3K per month and $508.7K – $8.1M annually from his channel.

    The rising YouTuber, as well as an actor, has been active since he joined BuzzFeed company. So there is no doubt that he will add more to his collection in the coming days.

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