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Daniel Cyndago Death, cause of death, Wiki, Family, and Quick Facts

Crix Published On Thu Jun 14 2018   Modified On Mon Sep 24 2018
Daniel Cyndago Death, cause of death, Wiki, Family, and Quick Facts

Facts of Cyndago Daniel Kyre

Full NameCyndago Daniel Kyre
Birth NameDaniel Lee Kyre
Birth CitySouth Carolina
Marital StatusMarried
EducationGraduate of Dutch Fork High School
Height5.6 cm


    Body and Relation Status of Cyndago Daniel Kyre

    What is Cyndago Daniel Kyre marital status ?Married
    What is the height of Cyndago Daniel Kyre?5.6 cm
    What is the weight of Cyndago Daniel Kyre?kg

    Famous with the name Daniel Cyndago whose real name is Daniel Lee Kyre(Daniel Kyre) was a Youtuber who started it back in 2012. However, his career didn’t last for a long time as it stopped in 2015. Almost all of his video was about making people laugh with his funny video.

    But as they say, a person who laughs a lot has a lot of pain behind and it certainly seems the case for Daniel. The YouTuber died of irreversible brain damage back in 2015.

    Today in this section, we’re going to take a look at his personal life and find out exactly what was the cause of his death.

    Daniel Cyndago Wiki-Bio

    Daniel Cyndago was born on July 6, 1994, in South Carolina as a Daniel Lee Kyre. He was raised along with his sister in South Carolina. As per Daniel education, he attended a local high school nearby his residence.

    He was into his early 20s when he realized his world lies elsewhere as opposed to staying in his parent’s residence in South Carolina. Then he decided to move to Los Angeles, California.

    Soon after landing in the one of the biggest capital of the United States, he befriended Ryan Mage and Matt Watson. The group of three friends decided to make videos together.

    They created a group named “Cyndago.” The group used to create a lot of funny videos and their popularity grew tremendously. Some of their famous videos include “We Dye Our Hair” and “Blond Boys.”

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    Soon after their popularity grew, one of the biggest YouTuber Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier signed the boy group which even led to more increase in their popularity.

    Cyndago Daniel Body Measurement

    As we all know that, Cyndago Daniel is no more with, so describing or saying about his body measurement is a stupid thing. Isn’t it? But it won’t be wrong to say his body type when he was alive.

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    The YouTuber who died at the young age was physically fit as he uses to maintain his body look in muscular type. Well, it is unknown to us about his bicep, chest and hip size. But his height was around 5 feet 6 inches.

    Cyndago Daniel Death

    Cyndago David Kyre used to receive a text from his father on a daily basis. His father always asked him whether he is fine or not? Like the other day he also texted in 2015, he texted Daniel whether He is Happy? for which there was no reply. And for the first time, he didn’t receive any reply.

    After 1 hour, a call from the ambulance asking about Daniel’s father literally shocked the world for the Kyre family. The doctors reported to David that his son was found in a critical situation after a failed suicide attempt on September 16th, 2015.

    He was rushed to the nearest hospital and kept on life support for around 2 days before letting him die in peace by removing the life support on September 18th, 2015. The upcoming star of YouTube took his life and the world just lost one piece of shining star.

    The death also marked the end of the band, Cyndago. The news of his death traveled pretty quickly and support came pouring in for the Kyre family. Markiplier stopped posting videos. And later on, other team member revealed that they will not continue the YouTube Channel, Cyndago.

    According to many sources, the late YouTube personality was suffering from depression. Though his family member never mentioned anything after his death.

    Daniel Kyre Family

    Cyndago Daniel aka Daniel Kyre was born as the first child to father David Kyre. The name of his mother is unknown as it is not revealed anywhere. His younger sister resides in South Carolina along with family.

    After the death of Daniel Kyre, all of his family members are involved in some type of social work with the help of Daniel’s friend, Mark Fischbach. Mark has created the GoFundMe account where people can share their problem and other memories.

    Daniel Cyndago-Quick Facts

    1. The YouTube personality, Cyndago Daniel started out his career by forming the Cyndago group. The group of three quickly became a big name in the video streaming platform.
    2. Born on  6, 1994, Cyndago Daniel was only 21-year-old when he took his own life. The group’s video, We Dyed Our Hair was one of the most prominent videos of their group. Their other most viewed videos are The Warfstache Affair.
    3. In a Reddit forum regarding Cyndago Daniel’s death, many people compared his death to that of the legendary American actor, Robin Williams. It was said Daniel was cornered by his own emotions which eventually led him to take the big step of suicide.
    4. Cyndago Daniel never mentioned about his battle with depression to his group mates. If only he would have shared about his problem with his problem then we’re sure he would be right here with us.