Who is Linda Ripa? Know Her Net Worth, Bio Age, Relationship and Body Measurement.

Linda Ripa Net worth, Bio Age, Relationship and Body Measurement

Quick Facts of Linda Ripa

Birth NameLinda Ripa
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorBlonde
Face ColorWhite
Net WorthN/A
ProfessionWriter; Author; Illustrator
Birth PlaceCamden County, New Jersey, United States.
Children1 son
Online PresenceTwitter

Some people like the spotlight whereas some like to work behind the scenes and contribute in an unseen way. Both of these personalities can be seen in the Ripa family. Linda Ripa has also contributed years behind the scenes at the ABC Network. Further, she has also worked in New Media Productions, Philly 57, etc. among other various projects. However, her Kelly Ripa is a famous celeb.

Linda Ripa’s Biography

Linda was born on December 3, 1968, making her 50 years of age as of December 2018. Her birthplace is Camden County, New Jersey, United States. She was born under the star sign or Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. She was born to father Joseph Ripa and mother, Esther Ripa. We do not know her ethnicity but she is an American. She has worked as a writer and author for various networks during career. Her sister is Kelly Maria Ripaan American actress, dancer, talk show host, and television producer. She has a son too named Sergio-Guiseppe Ripa.

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Linda Ripa’s Statistics

  • Height: We mentioned above that Linda was a shy person and this applies to in the case of her measurements too. We have no information regarding her height because she hasn’t revealed it to the public.
  • Body Measurements: Sadly, tabloid sources do not have information about Linda’s body measurements as she has kept it a secret.
  • Eye Color: Linda’s eyes are uniquely colored, they are grey and this matches her white skin tone.
  • Hair Color: Her hair is a beautiful shade of blonde which she keeps down to her shoulder.

Linda Ripa’s Relationship History

As we have discussed many times Linda is a bit of a shy person. She likes to keep a low profile. Her under the radar approach to fame is opposite to many people in show business. But due to her shyness, it is difficult to find any information regarding her personal life.  We do not know who she is dating or who her boyfriend is at the moment. The drawbacks of working behind the scenes are that we cannot get any information about her husband or her dating life.

Linda attending an event with her friend.

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Linda Ripa’s Career and Net Worth

Ripa’s career has mostly consisted of a lot of behind the scenes work. She is a writer and an author so she rarely makes an on-screen appearance. She has worked for various networks during her career. Among them, the ABC Network is the most notable of her workplaces. She has worked in some modeling shows too but not as a model. Linda appeared in the ABC Network‘s show called, Across AmericaHer net worth is not known to us but an average writer for the network earns $98,816-$107,229.

Her sister’s net worth, however, is an eye-watering $75 million as of 2018. Kelly Ripa’s annual salary is around $20 million. Both sisters are equally talented as well as multi-talented as they have both ventured and succeeded in different fields.

Linda Ripa’s Interesting Facts

  • Linda is the sister of famous celeb Kelly Ripa.
  • She has worked for more than 5 T.V networks.