Nina Gray Net Worth, Age, Husband, Salary and Boy Measurement

Nina Gray Net Worth, Age, Husband, Salary and Boy Measurement
Nina Gray Net Worth, Age, Husband, Salary and Boy Measurement

Quick Facts of Nina Gray

Birth NameNina Gray
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Face ColorWhite
Salary$140 thousand annually.
Net WorthN/A
EthnicityMiddle Eastern-American
Online PresenceInstagram, and other platforms

Parenting can be very hard but, sometimes it can come to the point where your issues as a parent are broadcast on national T.V. Nina Gray is one such parent whose daughter got out of hand and had to be taken to Dr. Phil. In fact, it is the primary reason for their fame.

Nina Gray’s Biography

Nina was born on the 23rd of August in 1974. As of 2018, she is 44 years of age. She lives in the ‘City of Angels’, Los Angeles in California. Nina currently works as the President and Owner Dentist at Dental Plus California. This means that she has a very decent earning due to her profession. She has 2 kids and it is due to her daughter’s Nicollette that she has gained fame all over the world now. She follows Islamic faith and is a mix of Middle Eastern and American heritage.

For her education, she gained a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1997. Adding to this, she also became a dentist by studying at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Nina during her appearance on Dr.Phil.

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Nina Gray’s Statistics

  • Height: Nina is a famous person but her height is not known to us due to her secretive nature and low profile.
  • Body Measurements: As mentioned above Nina doesn’t like to share information regarding her personal life and measurements. Due to this, we do not have any information about the exact measurements of her body.
  • Tattoos: Nina doesn’t have any tattoos on her body, as she is a dentist and in the medical field she may even oppose the idea of a tattoo.
  • Eye Color: Nina has a white skin tone and her eyes are brown.
  • Hair Color: Nina’s hair is blonde with hints of brown and dark brown at the ends.

Nina Gray’s Relationship History

Nina is currently single but she had been married some time ago. Information about her husband is a secret but she has two daughters.  Among them, her daughter Nicollette Gray is the primary source for her fame right now. They made an appearance in the famous show Dr.Phil. Nicollette is a spoiled child and Dr.Phil addressed this problem.

Even though her allowance was $5000 she complained that it as not enough. Her mother was worried but she had spoiled her daughter so much that an expensive car and an allowance that even some adults do not earn at obs couldn’t keep her happy. We don’t know who Nina was dating or who her boyfriend was, but in the show business, multiple marriages are a trend so she may remarry again in the future.

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Nina Gray’s Career and Net Worth

Nina is the President and Owner Dentist at Dental Plus California. She is in the medical industry and earns a very decent living from it. Another source of her income is from image rights and other royalties that are associated with T.V personalities. A dentist in the U.S can earn more than $140k a year factoring in all the bonuses and incentives. As a dentist with such a good earning her net worth should be in the millions but we do not have exact figures. Her daughter, however, has a net worth of $2 million. She owns beautiful expensive cars too that she changes on a regular basis.

Nina Gray’s Interesting Facts

  • Nina’s daughter Nicollette is a Youtube star and a T.V personality well.
  • She has two degrees to her name, in dentistry and a dentist and as a psychologist.