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What's Veteran Actor Ryan Reynold's Net Worth At Present? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Him

Shailendra Poudel Published On Wed Jul 03 2019   Modified On Wed Jul 03 2019
What's Veteran Actor Ryan Reynold's Net Worth At Present? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Him

Facts of What's Veteran Actor Ryan Reynold's Net Worth At Present? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Him

Full NameWhat's Veteran Actor Ryan Reynold's Net Worth At Present? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Him


    Body Stat of

    Ryan Rodney Reynolds aka Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter. He is known for his acting in Buried, The Woman in Gold and Life, and also known for comic adaptation film like Green Lantern, Blade: Trinity, Deadpool and Deadpool 2. He was also selected as People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2010. 

    Ryan Reynolds' Biography: Early Life & Education 

    Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born on 23rd October 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He belongs to mixed ethnicity with the birth sign Scorpio. 

    He is the youngest son of James Chester, a food wholesaler, and Tammara Lee Reynolds, a retail salesperson. He has three elder brothers; Terry Reynolds, Jeff Reynolds and Patrick Reynolds

    Actor-producer Ryan graduated from the Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver in 1994. Later attended Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver until he dropped out from the college. 

    Ryan Reynolds' Age & Body Statistics 

    • Age: As of 2019, Ryan Reynolds' age is 43 years old.
    • Body Measurement: he has athlete physic with Chest 45inches and waist 32inches with 15inches biceps.
    • Height: Deadpool actor stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches/190.50 cm.
    • Weight: He weighs 84 kg/ 185 lbs.
    • Eyes Color: Actor has expressive hazel eyes.
    • Hair Color: Similarly, he has soft light brown Hair.

    Ryan Reynolds' Personal Life & Relationship History 

    Ryan Reynold is a married man and shares two children. Well, the star is wedded to Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively on 9th September 2012 at Boone Hall in South Carolina.

    The couple first child Daughter James Reynolds was born on 16th December 2014 and second child daughter Ines Reynolds in 30 September 2016

    Ryan Reynold and his wife Blake Lively

    Previously, he was married to MCU movie actress Scarlett Johansson on 27 September 2008, they mutually divorced on 1st July 2011. 

    Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson

    Ryan Reynolds dated several women in his past days, here's a list

    Melissa Joan Hart 

    He first dated his co-star from the series Sabrina Teenage witch 1996 to 1998 

    Traylor Howard 

    He dated American actress Traylor Howard who was 10 years older than him from 1998 to 1999 

    Alanis Morissette

    Ryan started dating Canadian-American actress Alanis Morissette from 2002, after two years of relation the couple engaged in June 2004. While he was in relation with Alanis he was ready to marry but they separated in February 2007. 

    How much wealth does Ryan Reynolds have at the present? 

    The Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds' estimated net worth is around $75 million, as of July 2019. As for his wife actress, Blake Lively had a net worth estimated to be around $16 million. The couple share the total amount of $91 million net worth 

    Reynolds earned $150 per episode at starting phase of his career, and now he was ranked 15th by Forbes as the world's highest paid actors in 2017 with $21.5 million for his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool for the movie Deadpool. He was paid $27 million to play the lead role in Michael Bay's film Six Underground. 


    He began his career from Canadian series Fifteen and in Hollywood, he started from the third season of X-files. With the movie Van Wilder in 2002 he debuted in the silver screen, later appeared in Blade: Trinity, The Amity Ville Horror, Smokin Aces Green Lantern, X-men Origins: Wolverine and many more.
    The actor got praised by his role in Buried in which he was the only actor who was buried inside a coffin. Later got the role of Wade Wilson in Deadpool and Dead pool 2 both movies were a commercial success he was also a producer for the films. 
    Buried starring Ryan also gave his voice for the movie The Croods and Turbo in 2013 and Pokemon Detective Pikachu

    Recently his movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu was released in 2019, and 6 Underground will be releasing soon. In 2020 The Hitman's Wife Bodyguard sequel to The Hitman Bodyguard, Free Guy and the animation The Croods 2 will be releasing in 2020. 

    Have a look at some of the notable highlights of his Career: 

    • Fifteen (Series) 1991
    • Ordinary Magic (Movie) 1993
    • The Odyssey (Series) 1993-1994
    • Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (Series)
    • Van Wiler: Party Liaison (Movie) 2002
    • Blade: Trinity (Movie) 2004
    • The Amityville Horror (Movie) 2005
    • X-Men Origins Wolverine (Movie) 2009
    • The Proposal (Movie) 2009
    • Green Lantern (Movie) 2011
    • The Croods (Movie) 2013
    • Turbo (Movie) 2013
    • Deadpool (Movie) 2016
    • The Hitman's Bodyguard (Movie) 2017
    • Deadpool 2 (Movie) 2018
    • Pokemon Detective Pikachu (Movie) 2019
    • 6 Underground (Movie) 2019
    • The Hitman's Wife Bodyguard (Movie) 2020
    • Free Guy (Movie) 2020
    • The Croods 2 (Movie) 2020

    Here's a quick summary about Ryan Reynolds 

    Who is Ryan Reynolds? 

    Ryan Reynolds is Canadian-American actor, film producer, screenwriter and comedian knows as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in Marvel comic movie adaptation X-men Origin Wolverine, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 

    Where is he from? 

    Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British, Columbia, Canada. He belongs to mixed ethnicity 

    What's his net worth at present? 

    Ryan Reynolds' net worth as of 2019 is $ 75 million. 

    Is he married or single? 

    He is married to Green lantern Co-actress Blake Lively on 9th September 2012 and previously married to MCU actress Scarlett Johansson. 

    Is he active in Social Media?

    Ryan Reynolds is active in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He also had a huge fan following.